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Acquire Real Estate can be your partner in finding your perfect home.

Why use Acquire Real Estate to represent you in the buying process? Here are 10 good reasons:

  1. We can be YOUR advocate. Did you know that when you visit an open house, the real estate agent that you meet has a contractual relationship with the seller and is looking out for their best interests? That is their job, but let our job be to advocate for you as a buyer.
  2. We know the area. We live and work in the Northern Virginia area, and know our market well.
  3. We provide information to help you make an informed decision. When you are considering a purchase, you will want information about the area, neighborhood, and schools, and clear data on comparable sales and taxes.
  4. We are experts in the contracting process. We can provide advice on offer price, “translating” a contract’s legalize so you understand the contract or counter offer, making sure you include the correct contingencies, and assisting on negotiations.
  5. We know the buying process and can provide lots of guidance. The buying process is more than just visiting homes and writing an offer. From financing pre-approval, to writing an offer, to inspections and closing, we have the experience to show you the way.
  6. We listen to YOU. When you let us know what you are looking for, we listen and have the tools to help you find the house you are searching for.
  7. We can be your tour guide. We can make the appointments to view homes, and take you to see them. Your time is important; by finding out what you are looking for and asking the right questions we can do the research to help you find the right home.
  8. We have the experience to make the process go smoothly. Most people only purchase 3 to 5 homes over their lifetime, but as Realtors we assist in that many purchases every month! We know how to solve problems and smooth the process.
  9. We have a service network. Many individuals, from mortgage consultants to home inspectors, are involved in the buying process, and Acquire has a network that we know will do a good job.
  10. We can put you at ease. Buying a home is a big financial commitment, but with Acquire Real Estate you are well represented, and we are prepared to handle whatever arises to ensure your purchase goes as planned.
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What Does A Buyer?s Representative Do?

A Buyer's Representative, or Buyer's agent, is a real estate agent or REALTOR who represents the interest of a buyer of real estate as opposed to the seller. We negotiate on behalf of the buyer and specialize in meeting the needs and preferences of the person looking to buy a home, above all else. The buyer's agent can assist with home buying process in all of the following ways...

  • Discuss Buyer’s Agency
  • Determine needs and wants
  • Help Determine Purchasing Power
  • Match with Mortgage Consultant
  • Regularly Research and Identify Homes based on needs and budget
  • Preview Homes/Set Appointments/Plan Showings
  • Show Homes
  • Provide Information to Assist with home selection and offer decision
  • Explain the Contract/process
  • Assist in Making a Purchase Offer
  • Test, Inspection, and Warranty Recommendations
  • Ensure Correct Contingencies are Included (home inspection, financing, etc.)
  • Help Determine Closing, Occupancy Date and Earnest Money deposits
  • Assist with Negotiation and Counter-Offer Process
  • Assist with Arranging Home inspection, Termite Inspection, etc.
  • Explain Closing Costs/Closing Process
  • Assist with Scheduling Settlement and Ensuring deadlines are met
  • Walk-thru inspections
  • Attend Closing

What Does Using A Buyer?s Representative Cost?

In most cases, the buyer pays NOTHING. A buyer's agent is typically paid a commission when a home goes to closing. This commission is paid by the seller of the home to their listing agent (the seller's agent), who in turn offers part of the commission to the buyer's agent. Commission are typically a percentage of the sales price, and are paid by the seller at closing.

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